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July 1, 2017

Lets begin…

The summer holidays are upon us and many families are heading out to resorts all over the world for their vacation time. We alluded in a previous post to the deteriorating security picture in lots of the most popular areas for British tourists. Today we want to focus on the most changed country – Turkey.

What you should know about Turkey

Turkey has gone through a transformational change in the last year, despite the many problems they have faced. firstly, the Syrian conflict on the southern border, causing trouble in the belly of the country. secondly, the ongoing political standoff between moderate and more hardline elements in power. Not to mention the upsurge in violence between government forces and the PKK. Plus, a state of emergency being set by PM Erdogen following the failed coup in 2016. Turkey has gone through its fair share, but looks to be on the rise. There now exists a far more hardline government than in previous years. There are more security checks and random searches by security forces. Recently, a British national was arrested whilst on holiday with his family due to his travel history.

Protect yourself

We recommend you co-operate fully with security officials. Carrying a copy of your electronic visa, passport and/or residency permit at all times is essential.

Further threat lies with the Islamic State which has a presence in the country. The Islamic state looked to target western tourists in the past and may be still on the look. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office rates these type of attacks as “likely”.

To wrap this up

So maybe it is time to reconsider your annual trip to Turkey? If you are intent on going please do read up on the travel advice on the FCO website and be vigilant at all times.

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.
Finally, Make a note of your nearest British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission and have a plan to get there.

Emergency services in Turkey:
Police – 155
Ambulance – 112
Fire Service – 110

For more information please visit the official report at:

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