One Day Accredited Training

Our Personal Security Awareness training is delivered by ex-military and police protection specialists. These men and women have worked for many years in all parts of the world and are industry leading authorities in the field of personal protection and security procedures. They have proven themselves in high-pressure environments both at home and abroad on countless occasions.

Although this qualification is open to all it is a one day course specifically aimed at shop floor or office staff who would not normally be exposed to security training. Staff in high-risk jobs such as the jewellery trade, banking sector, high value or luxury goods industries and those whose job carried a particular threat would benefit from this training. High net-worth individuals who feel they would benefit from this training are also encouraged to attend.


Modern society is an increasingly dangerous environment to negotiate with a dramatic increase in violent crime and terrorist atrocities across all major cities in western Europe. Moped theft and violent attacks have seen an increase of over 700% in London alone. With the security situation decreasing and criminal elements utilising a decrease in police spending and numbers to carry out ever more daring crimes, it is important to have a thorough understanding of your own personal security responsibilities. and learn how you can avoid becoming a victim.

Benefits of attending this course and attaining accredited qualifications include:

  • Investing in your staff or your own CPD
  • Increasing your personal safety
  • Increasing your general awareness and confidence
  • Providing extra security for your stock, venue and staff
  • Achieve accredited security qualifications
  • Demonstrate mitigation of risk to insurance providers and investors
  • Increase security footprint without increase in profile



Price per person


Private workshop at your location


Private workshop hosted by Fox SSS


  • Training courses are capped at 20 persons for quality purposes.
  • Courses are one day in length and normally between the hours of 0900 – 1700.
  • Courses can be conducted at your premises or can be hosted by Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions at one of our training venues in Essex.
  • Courses can be booked privately at a full rate just for your organisation or you can place staff on a communal workshop hosted by Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions at a price per person rate.

For any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact form or details provided on this website.

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