SIA Door Supervisor Level 2

Our SIA Door Supervisor Level 2 course is conducted by us and accredited via the renowned Highfield Qualifications awarding organisation fully regulated by the SIA (Security Industry Authority).

The Door Supervisor Level 2 course is essential if you wish to work on the front line as a door supervisor. It is required in order to apply for your SIA licence which will allow you to work in the security industry. The course is split into 4 modules:

  1. Common Security Industry Knowledge
  2. Door Supervisor Specialist Module
  3. Conflict Management Module
  4. Physical Intervention Skills Module

In order to achieve your SIA licence you must complete all training and pass three exams. There is a minimum level of physical ability required in order to train as a Door Supervisor and the training is open to both men and women.

Train to Work

Here at Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions we are passionate about security and the standards of security operators graduating from our courses. We want to train you to the best you can be because it raises the standard of the industry as a whole and keeps you and the people you will be protecting safe from harm. As such we have developed our course with input from men and women who have been working on the frontline of the Door Supervisor industry for many years.

For Surveillance and Security Solutions have a partnership with one of the regions leading security providers, JBC Protect. The owner of JBC Protect has direct input into our courses and ensures that the quality of training meets his high standards and the course remains current with real time updates from multiple live operations and contracts.

JBC Protect are a well respected security company with multiple live contracts at festivals, bars, clubs and building sites. Graduates of Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions Level 2 Door Supervisor course will be closely monitored by JBC protect and may be approached for interview and work once the SIA licence has been achieved.

Realistic Training

Our Door Supervisor course is not only kept current by the direct influence of ongoing operations in the security industry but is also kept as realistic as possible as our training is partly conducted in a Public House in Chelmsford, Essex. This sort of attention to detail will ensure candidates are fully prepared to start work straight away and be an asset to any venue or organisation that they work for.

Holders of the Door Supervisor Level 2 SIA licence are not just restricted to door work but can legally operate in the following capacities:

  • Door Supervisor
  • Security Guard
  • CCTV – 2 (non-public space)
  • Key Holding
  • Non-Frontline Security Operations


For the best quality training with realistic chances of gaining employment not only in the festival season but throughout the year our Level 2 Door Supervisor course is the go-to course in this region.


Includes all services

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