One Day Accredited Training

The counter surveillance awareness training is delivered by ex British military and police covert surveillance specialists. These highly skilled men and women have spent their entire career carrying out hostile reconnaissance and covert surveillance missions as well as being the world leaders in counter surveillance skills. They have deployed in all corners of the globe conducting some of the most advanced training and operations in the industry.

The course is a one day course and is aimed at shop floor or office staff who would not normally be exposed to security training. Staff in high risk jobs such as the jewellery trade, banking sector, high value or luxury goods industries and those whose job carried a particular threat would benefit from this training. High net worth individuals who feel they would benefit from this training are also encouraged to attend.


All targeted attacks on individuals, assets and venues are always preceded by a thorough reconnaissance of the target by the criminal element involved. Utilising our instructors world class skill sets acquired by being actively involved in covert surveillance and counter surveillance at the highest level, we can teach you how surveillance teams work and how to spot if you are under surveillance.

Currently there are plenty of courses on offer that will teach you how to react to an armed robbery, but we argue that prevention is better than cure and spotting the planned attack in the reconnaissance phase allows you to take necessary security steps and discourages criminals from targeting you. Benefits of our accredited training include:


  • Investing in your staff or your own CPD
  • Increasing your personal safety
  • Increasing your general awareness and confidence
  • Providing extra security for your stock, venue and staff
  • Achieve accredited security qualifications
  • Demonstrate mitigation of risk to insurance providers and investors
  • Increase security footprint without increase in profile


Fox Surveillance & Security pricing is very competitive compared other companies running a highly accredited Counter Surveillance Awareness Course.


If you or your organisation requires two separate courses that are on the same day, Fox SSS will provide a 10% discount on the overall cost per person.


Price per person


Private workshop hosted by Fox SSS

  • Training courses are capped at 20 persons for quality purposes.
  • Courses are one day in length and normally between the hours of 0900 – 1700.
  • Courses can be conducted at your premises or can be hosted by Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions at one of our training venues in Essex.
  • Courses can be booked privately on a full rate just for your organisation or you can place staff on a communal workshop hosted by Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions at a price per person rate.

For any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact form or details provided on this website.

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