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Here at Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions, we believe that only the best will do for our high profile clients. Whether it is a one-off event, high-value product or a high profile venue our event staff, including door supervisors are among the best in the business. Tried and tested in difficult environments where it is essential to cater to your requirements and fit the profile of the event while ensuring that all present have a safe and enjoyable evening, we pride ourselves on the professionalism and reliability of the men and women we employ.

Why should you hire?

The benefits of having door staff who are well trained to Close Protection standard and have valuable military and police experience are multiple.


  • Conflict Management – Being in a position of authority at a high end event brings particular diplomacy skills into consideration. Police and military personnel have years of experience dealing with difficult situations in hostile environments with the use of force being the last option. We bring this skill set to your event.
  • Medical Qualifications – All of our staff are trained to FPOSi (First Person On Scene intermediate) or FREC (First Response Emergency Care) which is a considerably higher qualification than St. Johns Ambulance and means we can liaise with paramedics and carry out life-saving intervention in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Higher Skill-Set – Your average door supervisor has attended a 3-5 day course and may or may not have any medical qualifications. All of our event staff have attended a 3-5 week course incorporating a vast array of security skills and have excellent medical qualifications. This brings a higher calibre operator to your event or venue minimising the risk and ensuring the enjoyment of everybody.
  • Values and Standards – The military and police have a particular code of conduct and moral values that go above and beyond usually accepted standards. On top of that Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions lives by our founder’s values of “Excellence, Integrity, Fortitude” which has served him so well in his career so far.

Choosing the right staff to fit your venue or event can be difficult which is why Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions are always available to offer free advice to anyone in need. We believe that in an increasingly dangerous world security should be accessible to all and we are passionate about teaching people about how to be more aware of their own personal security.

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