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February 25, 2018

Malaysia Truly Asia – Fox SSS Ltd Abroad

Making new friends in different parts of the world is something that owner Joel Adlington has been doing his entire life. From childhood adventures through Malawi, Russia and Holland to a military career taking in Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Kenya, Iraq which naturally led to a career in security and more adventures in London, Dubai, Malta, Libya and back to Afghanistan. When the opportunity came to deliver a Level 3 Close Protection course on behalf of new Malaysian partners Atlas Risk and Consulting Solutions the decision to accept was an easy one.

Close Protection Training

On arrival into the country, the priority was getting everything in place to deliver the very best Close Protection training we could. Mr Clement Chew the CEO of Atlas was to leave no stone unturned and no expense spared in the delivery of a top course. Collaboration between Fox SSS Ltd owner Joel and Clement was positive from the very beginning as both men share the same beliefs about raising standards and delivering the best training packages they can.

There was a real international flavour on the course with Malaysian students, a British Army Sergeant, a former Swedish Army Ranger and some former Singapore Armed Forces students. The course was run in a brand new training facility and included some really exciting training including but not limited to:

  • Conflict Management
  • Risk and Threat Mitigation
  • Close Protection Foot Drills
  • Advanced Driving
  • Anti Ambush Drills

All delivered in an intense and demanding 14-day package in the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur. A particular highlight of the course was the final exercise package where the client was a prominent Malaysian diplomat and former Ambassador. Students were tasked with facilitating a high profile diary of events including real-time diplomatic engagements with an international embassy. Students found themselves rubbing shoulders with international close protection teams and large corporate security managers which made this the most realistic training experience of any close protection course on the market today.


First Aid Training

After the successful delivery of a Close Protection course which was thoroughly enjoyed by all students, we gained more students and aided in the delivery of a Level 3 First Aid at Work qualification.

This qualification was open to a far more diverse group of students and the less intense nature of the course allowed for a lot of enjoyable hands-on experience as students mastered the basics of:

  • CPR Training
  • Automated Electronic Defibrillators
  • Understanding Major Illnesses
  • Managing Bleeding Injuries
  • Managing Broken Bones and Burn Injuries
  • Dealing with an Unconscious Patient


International Operations

The success of Atlas Solution’s Close Protection and First Aid at Work courses did not go unnoticed by the regional security community and Atlas were approached to conduct a security co-ordination role by one the world’s largest organisations. Royal Canin pet foods are a subsidiary company of Mars Inc. who needed a timely and effective solution to a large-scale operation being arranged in Southern Philippines which is highly susceptible to piracy and terrorist group operations against foreigners travelling and holidaying in the area.

Atlas Risk and Consulting Solutions immediately sub-contracted Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions Ltd to provide the protective security expertise required to engage with the client and provide advice and on the ground support to the project.

Security Co-ordination

Flying in at short notice to take control of the security of a large-scale international event with input from multiple assets is always going to be a difficult task but at Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions, it is our bread and butter.

We conducted a thorough security analysis including country and area-specific intelligence update which was provided to the client within 24hrs of taking on the contract. Joel was then flown in-to Davao City from where he deployed to the event site and met with key security and event stakeholders prior to the arrival of delegates.

Liaising with Philippines National Police, Coast Guard, Army, Special Forces and Site Security Manager was a priority. A thorough site security survey was conducted and policies checked and introduced to ensure the best possible security for visiting delegates who were due to arrive the following morning. The co-ordination of so many international assets at such short notice was a challenge which Atlas Solutions and Fox SSS Ltd met with great success and ensured that the kick off programme for this very large international corporation was conducted without let, hindrance or significant event.

Future Intentions

Following on from two highly successful training missions and a well executed short notice international security operation, Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions are looking forward to growing our relationship in Malaysia and the Asian region with our new friends and partners Atlas Risk and Consulting Solutions.

Things we can look forward to moving forwards are:

  • Close Protection Courses throughout the year
  • All new Security Training Courses
  • Further Live Security Operations
  • State of the Art HEAT Training

We have had a wonderful time exploring Asia and making many new friends and partners which we believe will stand us all in a good places moving forwards. Together.

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