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August 14, 2017

First of all, we’re celebrating Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions upcoming exhibition at IJL 2017 on 3-5 September. Here at Foxsss, we have written 10 tips on how to keep safe in the high-value jewellery trade. Clients are encouraged to join us at the event, for more information please follow this link:


Safety Tips

Firstly, Working in any high-value trade makes you an instant target for thieves, fraudsters and criminal gangs across the country. Just having your name associated with a particular brand is enough for unscrupulous persons to start paying an unpleasantly keen interest in your daily habits and activities.  Being aware of the threat and knowing how to combat it is critical for the safety of yourself and the company that you are working for and is therefore in their best interest to invest time and training to help you.


It’s a terrifying thing to be subjected to an armed robbery at your store. Even more so to be specifically targeted by the criminals as a Guinea Pig to help gain them access or simply steal the jewels on their behalf. All sorts of threats and violence against yourself and your families are common methods to ensure a clean burglary for criminals.

Here’s how you can stay safe:

  • Know the threat – It sounds simple but you would be surprised how unaware most jewellers are to the specific threats against their brand. Often security elements keep this information from shop floor staff to avoid unnecessary anxiety. Take an interest in jewellery relates security news and speak to your security manager about it.
  • Clothing and attire –The amount of high-end retail staff we see walking to and from work with company uniform, pins, badges or name tags on is unbelievable. The best way to advertise yourself as a way into high-end jewellers is to wear the name on your body. Don’t wear company uniform or other attire outside of work.
  • Commuting – We understand that regular hours are regular hours and your route to work is the same every day. We advise that you should alter your route to and from work and change the method of transport if possible. Walk, take the bus, change your routes. Head into work half an hour early and stop short in a coffee shop. More on pattern setting next.
  • Pattern Setting – As promised. People do this without even thinking about it. You might do your shopping on the same day every week at the same supermarket. Maybe you go to a social club or see family every Sunday. Regular routes to work and little patterns like this make you an easy target for a surveillance team or thieves lying in ambush. Be unpredictable in your movements.

We’re just getting started…

  • Social Media – The modern phenomenon, the rise of the narcissist. Good or bad, social media is here to stay and it is becoming more and more of a security risk to people like yourselves in high threat jobs across the country. Make sure that nothing on your profile advertises where you work, ensure your privacy settings are at their strictest and do not have anybody on your social media that you do not know personally. Even the pretty ones.
  • Loose lips / Bragging – We are all guilty of it at some time or another in our lives. Nothing paints a target on your back like stating loudly down the pub that you work for one of the biggest diamond retailers in the trade. Nothin piques interest like telling your friends what time the photoshoot with the £3m necklace is going to be and where. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t talk about things to people if they don’t need to know about it. They are your friends, they already like you.
  • I.T. Security – This involves social media to an extent in that you must make sure that all of your passwords are secure and nobody else knows them. Try not to have the same password for every single account and get out of the habit of having your devices save passwords. It’s a pain putting them in every time but it keeps your identity safe. If you are being emailed sensitive information at work then you should have a work email address and your business should invest in secure email procedures.

Wait, there’s more!

  • Conversation with Family –  This is a tough one but a very necessary one. Maybe you have young children or maybe you have adoring parents or a partner that thinks you’re the bee’s knees because you work for a particular company. They need to be aware of the risk not just to you but also to themselves if they draw unwanted attention to the family. Therefore, It is common practice across the globe for criminals to target families so that an employee of a particular company will do their bidding.
  • Procedures Awareness and Training – This should be led by your security manager. All staff, not just security staff, should be fully aware of what to do in an emergency situation. If there is an armed robbery, if you notice suspicious activity or if you feel unsafe you should have a point of contact, a reporting procedure and a clear idea of how to act and what to do in these situations. These should be made clear and backed up with regular training. If the company needs help establishing procedures give us a call at Fox SSS Ltd and we can help you establish these and carry out the necessary training.
  • CPD Awareness Training – Finally, Continuous Personal Development is the responsibility of the individual and the organisation. Putting staff through training which increases their ability to spot security flaws and potential hostile reconnaissance can only benefit the business as it keeps stock and staff safe. Our training is all accredited through the Security Training Authority and gives your business the power to go to insurers and legitimately claim that you have mitigated risks to the business.


We offer one day accredited training in the following subjects:

Personal Security Awareness →

Counter Surveillance Awareness →

Reacting to an Armed Assailant →

Get in touch now and see how the team can help your business stay safe and aid in the continuous personal development of your staff.

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